87 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Get on Amazon in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Going braless: benefits and beginner advice

The no-bra look is a big trend in fashion and feminism these days, but is it really better than wearing a bra? Going braless is all about personal choice. We all love taking off an uncomfortable bra after a long day, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone all the time. The key here is freedom. Whether you want to wear a bra or not, you should be able to make your decision purely based on your own comfort and physical needs. There are plenty of harmful myths and attitudes floating around that may prevent a woman from doing this freely. Click through this gallery to see them deflated and learn more about the benefits of going braless.

75 Fail-Safe V-Day Gifts on Amazon for the Men in Your Life

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Discover the cat that best fits your zodiac sign

Deciding to bring a feline friend into your life is a big decision, and even if you've done plenty of research, there might still be some doubt as to which breed is the best one for you. Consulting the stars is always a good option, even when figuring out which cat is the most compatible with your zodiac sign. Click through this gallery to discover your purr-fect match.

The 13 Best Keratin Shampoos for Stronger, Shinier Hair

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History's most bizarre food disasters

Some of our most beloved foods have been known to cause quite a bit of trouble in the past. We've seen sugar explosions, flaming cheese, and rivers of whiskey. Sounds fun in theory, but in reality these deadly incidents caused astronomical damage! Large-scale industrial facilities that provide for the modern diet are high-risk zones for accidents. All sorts of things can go wrong, and quite often they did. Click through this gallery to learn about some of the most unbelievable food-related catastrophes in history.

Which Fast-Food Chain Has The Best Chicken Nuggets?

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Movies that led actors to quit the film industry

Fame and fortune were traditionally part of the 'American Dream,' but as celebrities have more and more freedom to speak directly to their fans and share their experiences, it's clear that it's not all it's cracked up to be. The publicity alone comes with a whole host of problems, and some actors just can't hack it. For others, they simply become disillusioned with the entertainment industry after working within its walls for many years. Child actors often get caught up in the business after they get spotted by talent agents or pushy parents decide they have star power, but later come to the conclusion that the life of an actor really isn't for them. Click through the following gallery to see which movies led these actors to bow out of the film industry altogether.

Captivating and creepy facts about the Middle Ages

Did you know that archery at one time was mandatory? Or that you could actually pay your rent in eels? These represent just some of the shocking happenings during the Middle Ages. While this period of time is often referred to as the Dark Ages, this gallery is here to shed some light on life in the Medieval period. Click through to find out some fascinating, odd, and downright gross facts about the Middle Ages.

Celebrities Who Prove What a Difference a Center Part Can Make

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Sylvia Jeffrey's best cooking moments

Sylvia Jeffreys loves to cook for her two boys, Oscar and Henry, and she goes to the next level when baking them birthday cakes - see all the pictures here.

The Most Talked-About Celebrity Hair Transformations

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20 theories on life after death

Do you believe in some form of existence after death? If the idea of an absolute end worries you, have a look at some of these various beliefs about the afterlife.

Celebs who used to be cheerleaders

When we think of American high schools, one of the first things that springs to mind is cheerleading. Along with prom kings and queens and shark tank cafeterias, cheerleading is up there as one of the most stereotypically American high school experiences. As an activity, it can range from simply chanting slogans to an intense physical workout, and it's perfectly possible to be a good or bad cheerleader. In fact, cheerleading itself is a competitive sport. Check out this gallery to find out which celebrities (for better or worse) are ex-cheerleaders.

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What the Cast of Princess Bride is Doing Now

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How the World's Most Stylish Men Looked at 40

Forty can be a tough age, even today, especially today. But these guys—from Ernest Hemingway to Jay-Z—made it look effortless, cool, and aspirational.

15 perfectly normal things that were scandalous 100 years ago

As we learn more about the way the world works, our beliefs regarding acceptable behavior change. At the turn of the 20th century, no one was expected to practice household recycling, for example. Nowadays it's almost shocking if someone doesn't separate their trash. Of course it can work the other way too, and many of today's common practices would have been horrifying back then. Check out this gallery to see which everyday occurrences would have shocked folks a century ago.

The Best Grocery Store Cookie Brands, Ranked

This one is for all of you cookie monsters out there.

Watch: Woman calmly allows deadly snake to crawl through her legs while on smoko

The snake is the second most venomous snake in the world.

Social situations that introverts dread

If you consider yourself an introvert, then you understand that some social situations are not just hard—they're downright painful. From forced group participation to awkward run-ins on public transportation, these daily dramas are all too relatable. Based on reports from Ranker, check out this list of social situations that introverts dread to find out if you're a part-time wallflower or a full-blown brooder.

Sugar Glider: what you need to know about this adorable exotic pet

The Sugar Glider is one of the most adorable exotic pets that can be encountered in the tropical forests of Australia and New Guinea. Indeed, this flying mammal is able to capture everyone's attention with its cuddly and sweet appearance. But there is much more behind this little animal that enchants with its beauty. In this photo gallery we will explore the characteristics, habitat and behavior of this fascinating animal, providing valuable information to learn more about the sugar petaur and understand why it is so important to protect this species.

Things we should stop feeling embarrassed about

Shame and embarrassment can hinder people from experiencing some of the greatest happinesses that life can offer, and all because we’re scared of what other people will think. To make matters worse, the things we’re embarrassed about are often founded upon flimsy, made-up social norms that force us to tone our humanity down. Fear of embarrassment is extremely time-consuming as well, and hurts our self-confidence, which is essential in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. So, how can we counter it? Well, unfortunately, practice makes perfect. Embrace the things that might have made you sweat nervously before so that you can stop letting them control you today! You’ll soon find that life continues on after these experiences, and other people’s opinions will matter less. Hopefully you also help set an example for others. Click through and see all the things we should stop feeling embarrassed about.

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20 Celebrities Before and After They Shaved Their Heads

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Sweeten up your life with these creative sweet potato recipes

Sweet potatoes are traditionally associated with fall, but they're always delicious whatever the weather! They can be used in a summer salad, or a warming winter soup. Their unique texture and natural sweetness makes them a versatile addition to many interesting dishes and desserts. To add to their greatness, they're packed with important nutrients like vitamins A and C, beta carotene, and potassium. Click through the following gallery to see the best ways to serve up the potato's colorful cousin.

On-screen couples with zero chemistry

Isn't it beautiful when couples just seem to be made for each other? We love a good romance, and some actors just seem to spark something magical when they're together. Some on-screen couples just have great chemistry and there's no way to deny it. But the opposite is also true. Many on-screen couples lack this chemistry to the point where it can be uncomfortable to watch. We've talked about the on-screen couples with great chemistry before, so now it's time to list the ones who have none, and almost painfully so. Click through the gallery and see if you find your perfectly imperfect on-screen couple.

All the Red-Carpet Looks from the 2023 Golden Globes

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Understanding the "Kate Middleton effect"

Catherine, now Princess of Wales, is one of the most famous women in the world. She grew up as Kate Middleton, but her life changed when she met her future husband William, who is expected to become King, which would make her the future Queen Consort. Still affectionately known as Kate by an adoring public, she's now a wife, mother, and "Her Royal Highness." Browse the gallery and revisit some of the highlights in the life of Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Historical figures called crazy, who were right all along

So many of the things we take for granted today, things that so obviously improve our lives, didn't catch on as easily as you might think. It can be difficult for people to come around to new ideas, even when adopting them would be in their best interest. Indeed, individuals throughout history have been doubtful of everything from penicillin to airplanes, only to be proven extraordinarily wrong once the concepts they mocked went on to change the world. Although it's great that people usually come around to amazing ideas, it can be a very frustrating process for those thinkers and inventors who can't see why the world doesn't want their help. In some cases, these heroes of humanity couldn't even stick around long enough to see their work be appreciated. But we can certainly appreciate them now. Read on to learn about the figures throughout history who were right all along.

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These ruthless rulers killed family members to gain power

When the line of succession dictates that a close relative must die in order for you to take power, family loyalty becomes a little blurry. Many power-hungry rulers in history only got to the top by taking out members of their bloodline. Others simply killed off their closest competitors as a precautionary measure. In certain parts of the world, murdering your siblings to secure your crown was commonplace! A surprising number of the most famous leaders in history are guilty of executing their family members. Click through the gallery to learn about these cruel and tragic circumstances.

What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now

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How to improve the air quality of your home

You're probably well aware about of pollution and its impact on public health. But how often do you think about the quality of the air inside your own home? The quality of the air that you breathe at home is just as important, and having a space filled with clean, fresh air is a great way to improve quality of life, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. Want to know how you can easily enhance air quality and reduce the number of pollutants you breathe in? Then check out the following slides.

Do you know long you can safely store your favourite foods?

Here's our guide to how long your favourite foods should last and how to keep them safe according to the experts.

40 of the Most Underclothed, Overdressed, and Bizarre Celeb Airport Outfits

Gowns, pasties, and oversized sombreros.

Disturbing things that happen if you stop cleaning your home

Unless you're a neat freak, you might have at times put off cleaning. However, when laziness strikes, so does dust, and before long you're living in filth. At that moment, you might stop to think what would happen if you didn't clean ever again. And while it's tempting to imagine a life without vacuuming and wiping countertops, you'd probably want to consider all the negative things that could happen if you stopped doing housework, or didn't at least hire someone to do it. Check out this gallery to discover the disturbing things that happen if you stop cleaning your home.

6 key ingredients to have for Japanese cooking

Japanese cuisine is appreciated all over the world and certainly does not stop at sushi alone, although this is, arguably, the most famous. Those who wish to prepare some dishes of this much-loved cuisine at home should know that there are some basic ingredients that should never be lacking. Fish for example, but also rice, seaweed, and many others. Let's find out what are the six ingredients that should never be missing when you decide to cook Japanese dishes at home.

Vintage wedding photos of celebs from yesteryear

The glitz and glamor of Old Hollywood add an extra dreamy quality to these old wedding photos. The legends of the silver screen set the standard for celebrity weddings, and some of their wedding dresses are still emulated today. Let's take a look at some of the biggest icons of the 20th century on their wedding days. Click through to get started.

Fascinating little-known facts about life in the White House

The lives of presidents are often elusive to the public, but don’t you want to know what goes on in the house where the country’s biggest historic decisions are made? Check out this gallery to find out the lesser-known quirks and perks of living in America's most prestigious home.

30 Seafood Appetizers That Go Way Beyond Shrimp Cocktail

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80 Easy Date Night Dinners That Beat A Fancy Restaurant

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The Best Photos of Queen Camilla Throughout Her Life

Take a look back at the long and winding path to Queen Camilla.

Fictional characters inspired by real people

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, so it makes sense that some of the most wildly imaginative works of fiction known to man today have borrowed heavily from real life. From movie villains to literary heroes, animated TV shows to multi-million-dollar franchises, numerous characters have been inspired by quite surprising people. Click through to see the fascinating real-life counterparts to beloved figments of imagination.

15 Most Surprising Facts About Dolly Parton (Like How She Once Turned Down Elvis)

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Embroidery Month: Check out these embroidered sculptures of everyday objects

Polish textile artist Alicja Kozlowska has been fascinated with Pop Art since she was young. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Kozlowska creates 3D embroidered felt sculptures of common objects. The artist uses felt but also other textiles to bring her pieces to life. "I would like to popularize and change the perception of fabric, which can also become a work of art," explained Kozlowska. Without further ado, click through the following gallery and marvel at the artworks of Alicja Kozlowska.

The key traits of someone with a calming presence

There are certain people who just put us at ease and allow us to let down our barriers. It's often hard to put your finger on exactly why that is, but we all know someone like that. They tend to be good listeners, make eye contact, speak with intention, and seem to be more grounded than the average person. Psychologists say we are drawn to people who have this calming effect on us because it's soothing to our nervous systems. Our bodies are craving calmness, so we're intuitively attracted to this kind of energy. These people seem to be a little bit magical, but, in reality, we can all learn to adopt these traits and behaviors. Not only does it benefit us to learn this calm way of life, but it will also benefit those around us. Whether you're looking to bring more peace into your life by creating it within yourself or seeking it out in others, click on to find out more about what constitutes a soothing presence.

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