The Best Way To Reheat Pizza So It's Crispy, Cheesy, And Delicious

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The History of Leonardo DiCaprio Being Adorable With His Mom

Talk about the best date ever.

Just 23 Photos of Prince Louis Being a Total Icon Over the Years

Give him the throne, to be honest.

Things that can make your home a target for burglars

Our home is our castle, and as such we should keep it safe at all times. While anyone can be a victim of a burglary, there are steps we can take to minimize the chances. Indeed, we've all been guilty of doing things that leave our homes more vulnerable. So with that in mind, here's a list of things you should look out for to keep your home safe. Browse through the following gallery and see if you're doing any of these things that can make your home a target for burglars.

Famous immigrants who make America great

America was, and continues to be, built by immigrants. A melting pot of different cultures and influences shaped the country and made it into the great nation that it is today. Many of these immigrants became prominent figures in the US, and indeed around the world. From Hollywood stars to politicians, in this gallery we list some of the immigrants who make America great. Click on!

The Most Talked-About Celebrity Hair Transformations

Remember when Jared Leto went platinum?

25 slow cooker mistakes most people make

To ensure you're getting the most out of your slow cooker, here's how to avoid the most common errors.

Can you guess the celebs in these pictures?

Ever wonder what some of Hollywood, music, and sport's most handsome and famous men looked like as kids? Think you could recognize the likes of Bruce Willis, Tobey Maguire, or Brad Pitt from a throwback photo? Click through this fantastic gallery filled with awesome, old photographs of the stars before they were famous. How many can you guess right?

The world according to AI: We asked an image generator about everyday life

The buzz around artificial intelligence never seems to end. Whether these supposedly intellectual robots are playing chess, creating paintings, or threatening to steal our jobs, their proponents seem convinced that one day AI machines will be able to do everything the human mind can do, and do it even better at that. Sometimes that future seems closer than ever, but other times AI can make itself look pretty dumb. With this in mind, we asked an AI image generator to create depictions of everyday life, from the simplest objects to the biggest philosophical ideas. Hopefully no one is really relying on AI for ideas about the world, because the results that came from this AI are more than just a little off base... Curious? Click on to see the crazy ideas an AI generator has about life, from the hilarious to the harrowing.

How McDonald's conquered the world: the real story

Like all great success stories, McDonald's beginnings were tough – just two working class brothers with a dream to make $1 million before they reached 50.

Facts about alcohol that will shock you

If you enjoy a cold beer at a BBQ or an after-work cocktail, don't worry, the majority of adults drink alcohol at some point in their lives. And just like the reasons for drinking are highly varied, so too are the effects it has on our health. With both positive and obvious negative effects, there's a lot about this popular substance that you might not know. Consumed around the world in cocktails, beers, and wines, check out this gallery for some eye-opening facts about alcohol.

Famous faces who died from a broken heart

It's called the widowhood effect—the increase in the probability of a person dying during a relatively short period of time after their longtime spouse has died. The phenomenon has also been called the "broken heart syndrome," with men and women at equal risk of succumbing to unbearable heartache shortly after the loss of a loved one. And it's not just those in a close marital relationship that can die close together. The loss of a parent or child can also induce the widowhood effect. Death, it seems, has no boundaries. For most of us, grief and anguish in the wake of bereavement is a private affair. Celebrities, however, often find themselves sharing their sorrow publicly and, for some, the widowhood effect is too much to bear. Click through and remember the stars who died after losing a loved one.

Anne Hathaway's Career In Photos

A princess from day one!

Brilliant bake sale treats everyone will love

Be the star baker at your fundraiser with our collection of the most popular and best bakes.

The strangest trivia… unbelievable but absolutely true!

Princess Margaret: the late Queen's scandalous younger sister

Next to the dutiful, dedicated, and long-reigning Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret was the passionate, impulsive, and controversial younger sister who wreaked a path of royal havoc wherever she went. Her riotous private life was portrayed in the early seasons of the Netflix series 'The Crown,' renewing interest in the rebellious princess. Margaret passed away at the relatively young age of 71 in 2002, partly due to a lifetime of heavy drinking and smoking. But even more than two decades later, she still has us intrigued. Curious to know more about the Countess of Snowdon? Click through this gallery and discover more about Britain's scandalous princess.

14 Seinfeld Fun Facts You Haven't Heard Before

Here's some lost lore from the show about nothing.

Prehistoric animals you won't believe existed

The animal kingdom is full of a wide variety of animals living in the seas, land, and skies. Millions of years ago, many more species made the Earth their home, but have since gone extinct. In the following gallery, browse through and discover the incredible and fascinating animals that once roamed the planet.

Barron Trump turns 17: See him and more star Pisces

Talented singers, multi-hyphenates and more: See our favorite Pisces stars.

Cher and music exec 40 years her junior make it official at the Versace show, more red carpet debuts

See how some of Hollywood's most well-known couples officially announced their relationships to the world.

Amanda Bynes, lost in LA without clothes on: The rise and fall of a teen star

30 things you probably didn't know about 'Breaking Bad'

19 excellent egg-free bakes to try

Baking with eggs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you can't find any at the supermarket at the moment, we’ve got plenty of ideas for cookies, cakes, puddings and desserts you can make without them.

The Best Romance Novels to Read When You're Feeling Mushy

Whether you're into classics like Giovanni's Room or contemporary titles like Normal People, there's a book in here for you.

40 Rarely-Seen Vintage Photos of the Royal Family

Relive some of the Windsors' lesser-known moments.

The best and strangest waffle toppings and recipes you can find

It's hard to think of a better, more heart-and-soul warming breakfast than a nice stack of waffles. With built-in syrup reservoirs, an easy base recipe, and endless possible variations, waffles truly are the gift that keeps on giving. While surely everyone has experimented with their waffle recipes and toppings, for every variation you've tried there are probably dozens you haven't. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn about the tried and true, the insanely innovative, and the all-around best ways to prepare waffles out there.

The surprising benefits of letting your hair go gray

Transitioning into gray hair is a big step that many women dread. This is largely due to societal stigma about what's deemed as beautiful and youthful. However, it's part of the natural aging process. And there is no reason to feel ashamed of your silver hues. Whether you're experiencing the arrival of your first grays, or you color your hair to hide them, there are plenty of benefits to rocking your natural color. If you want an added push to fully embrace your grays, check out the following gallery. Click on!

The Most Stunning Academy Awards Jewelry Moments of All Time

From Elizabeth Taylor's 68 carat diamond necklace in 1970 to Angelina Jolie's overside emeralds from 2009.

Why we enjoy the excruciating miseries of the super-rich

The popularity of stories about unhappy rich people says more about our need to view them that way than it does about how they experience their lives Opinion: Succession is returning to Aotearoa’s television screens. It joins other portrayals of the emotional traumas that come from having far, far too much money. We learn from the Roy children’s daddy issues that money can’t buy affection from media mogul Logan. We get a similar message from the...

Horror movies that originally had much more sinister endings

Horror movies aren't known for their happy endings, but some are better than others. Most people aren't aware that many horror movies had alternative and much darker endings that didn't make the final cut. Take a look through some of them in the following gallery. Do you think the filmmakers made the right choice in going with a different ending? Warning: Spoilers ahead!

25 Celebrities with Over-the-Top Closets

Oh, your closet doesn't have a bar, a Beauty and the Beast-style ladder, or a champagne doorbell, too?

‘Page Six’ Potentially Figured Out the Identity of the “Massive Movie Star” From Jessica Simpson’s Blind Item

The T-shirt and jeans are a pretty big clue.

'I genuinely feared for my life today': Posie Parker responds after protest chaos

"For wanting to make space for women to speak I genuinely feared for my life today."

What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now

We don't even recognize some of these celebrities...

The most beautiful British Castles

The United Kingdom is known for its many castles, ranging in style and period. They are a testament to the rich history of this European country. While some have lost their lustre over time, others still look great. Here are England’s most beautiful castles.

10 Secrets From the Sets of Your Favorite Horror Movies

Own your next horror trivia night with these stranger-than-fiction facts.

How to make James Martin's 'legendary' Yorkshire puddings with gravy

James Martin shared how to make his "legendary" Yorkshire puddings and gravy.

Libra: Your daily horoscope - March 25

Libra: here are your free predictions for the day March 25

Essential blue-collar jobs that keep society running

There are some jobs that the world simply can't live without, and blue-collar jobs make up a pretty large portion of those essential jobs. The infrastructures that keep the lights on, homes warm, and food fresh are all built, operated, maintained, and occupied by blue-collar workers who sometimes don't get the praise, and pay, they deserve. These often unsung heroes of society are truly the gritty, hardworking backbone that makes so many people's soft, comfortable lives possible. Without them, we would be left to our own devices, and surely not very many of us really know how to run a power grid or build a shipping boat! Read on to learn about just a few of the essential blue-collar jobs that keep our world running.

40 Celebrity Couples You Probably Thought Were Married


These male celebs are all enthusiastic feminists

For years women have fought and struggled to have the same rights and privileges as men, but increasingly, in recent years, men have lent their voices in support of the movement. There are now more men than ever who identify as feminists and fight to protect the rights of women. Celebrities have surely had a hand in this, with various male stars speaking publicly about feminism. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, Jason Sudeikis, and even Prince Harry are just a few of the famous faces to endorse women’s rights and call for equality between the sexes. Click through the gallery for a look at some of the famous men who are proud feminists.

Celebrities Who Prove What a Difference a Center Part Can Make

Which way do you like Selena's hair best?

Dangerous toys that could have killed you

Some pretty questionable decisions have been made over the years when it comes to the development of children's toys. Surely everyone has the children's best interests (and the bottom line) at heart, but some products clearly just weren't thought through. Whether it be literal spears that you throw through the air or a science kit complete with uranium, some of history's hit toys have turned out to be killer items. Thankfully, most of these have been recalled, and we can now look back on our past mistakes to ensure they aren't repeated. Intrigued? Read on to learn about some of the most dangerous toys to ever hit the shelves.

See What 30 Celebrities Over 60 Looked Like When They Were Younger

Still looking good, guys.

The least scary horror movies of all time

Some people love to get scared while watching a horror movie. However, some are not as keen, and even ask to keep the lights on while trembling in fear... People who are easily scared might even see faces in dark corners and hear strange noises, all provoked from watching a horror. So when choosing what horror film to watch, it can be a bit daunting, especially if you don't know its level of scariness. To help you out, have a look at the following gallery for some not-too-scary horror movies. They're mild enough for any scaredy-cat to sleep soundly afterwards!

Do you know how many ants there are on Earth? 5 interesting facts about this precious insect

How many ants are present on Earth? This and other interesting facts about these very useful insects are the subject of our journey inside the world of ants. Ants have many species and show their greatest diversity in areas with tropical climates (South America, eastern Australia and Africa). Their social structure, if it can be so defined, is based in reproductive class and working class. Although they are present in very high numbers on the planet, scientists fear that their mass die-off could disrupt the ecosystems of which they are a part.

‘I didn't realise!' Woman able to save £500 a year on energy bills via home improvements

She was able to get a free EPC report which showed she could save a substantial amount by getting insulation for her roof space and attic room, she told in an exclusive interview.

The 35 best and worst looks of the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Take a look back at the 35 best and worst celeb style moments from the 2023 Vanity Fair Academy Awards Viewing Party and afterparty.

A comedian's red 'lasagne dress,' more of the worst fashion moments from Oscars past

Take a look back at some of the worst Academy Awards style ever.

'Designing Women' actress suddenly lost husband of 33 years, more stars who are widows or widowers

John Travolta, Courtney Love, Celine Dion, Paul McCartney and more stars have all lost a spouse.