Nike invents ‘boob robot’ to innovate sports bra technology

Nike invents ‘boob robot’ to innovate sports bra technology - The sports bra technology is the latest in Nike’s efforts to offer inclusive sizing

6 Foods That Are Pretty Bad for Your Heart

You may want to cut back.

40 Iconic Couples From the '70s

You probably forgot about some of these duos.

Cannes Film Festival 2022: Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Coco Rocha kill it on the Croisette

Cannes Film Festival 2022: Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Coco Rocha kill it on the Croisette - All the major fashion moments from the Cannes red carpet

You can hunt for gold and other hidden gems in these US spots

If you fancy trying your hand at gem mining, America has heaps of places to sluice, sift and dig for precious stones. From groups that give you exclusive access to historic mining sites to family-friendly attractions and intrepid independent spots, here’s our pick of the USA’s top places to search for hidden gems. Remember to check individual attractions for current opening hours and COVID-related closures. Always check local restrictions on collecting rocks and mineral specimens when rockhounding on your own too.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Apple Deals to Score Right Now

Savings on AirPods, iMacs, and more.

The triumph and tragedy that is Mount Everest

The news has many times underlined the inherent dangers faced by mountaineers attempting to summit the world's highest peak, which can result in triumph or tragedy. Yet, the numerous accidents registered on Mount Everest don't scare the ones avid for the top. Browse this gallery and be reminded of the highs and lows associated with this legendary Himalayan mountain.

Alexis Bledel announces SHOCK exit from The Handmaid's Tale

Alexis Bledel has shockingly announced her departure from The Handmaid's Tale, which is currently filming its fifth season. She broke the news in a statement to Variety this week.

These US isles aren't actually in North America

With tropical rainforests, emerald-green volcanoes, white-sand beaches, technicolor coral reefs and some of the Americas’ oldest fortifications, these fascinating US-owned islands are worth getting acquainted with.

Royal Style Watch: From Kate Middleton's fairytale dress to Meghan Markle's Bermuda shorts

Royal Style Watch: From Kate Middleton's fairytale mint dress to Meghan Markle's summery Bermuda shorts, keep scrolling to see the best dressed royal ladies from this week…

Europe's most stunning castles everyone should visit

Europe is peppered with incredible castles, spanning a variety of eras and architectural styles. From Sleeping Beauty's castle come to life in Germany to a spooky Dracula castle in Romania, these structures are filled with mystery and myth, and have captured people's attention for centuries. Hidden in mountains, perched on hillsides and nestled on lakes, these are the best castles in Europe.

Custom Chevy Caprice Pickup Is The Four-Door El Camino Of Your Dreams

What started as a 1993 Caprice Station Wagon is now an eight-passenger truck with style to spare.

Britain is paving the way for gene-edited food – will the public stomach it?

At the height of the anti-GM movement, in 1999, the late head of Greenpeace, Peter Melchett, was charged with theft and criminal damage after scything down a field of genetically modified maize.

Celebrity couples who don't live together

We've seen it time and again: celebrities date for a while, tie the knot, and move in together, as most couples do. But this is not the case for every couple, some celebrities included! Many of the famous couples featured in this gallery have chosen to not live under the same roof, or have arrangements in place so they can spend some time apart. Maybe distance really does make the heart grow fonder? Click through and get to know the celebrity couples who live apart, together.

The Ducati MG-20 Is An Electric Folding Bike That Packs Quite A Punch

A practical and stylish commuter that can go the distance.

David Walliams plans wild drag-themed stag do for pal Simon Cowell

David Walliams has revealed his grand plans for Simon Cowell's stag do ahead of his wedding to Lauren Silverman next month, stating it would be his pal's 'worst nightmare'.

These 20 Sun Hats From Amazon Make Sun Protection Look So Good

Stay shady, friends.

Chelsea Flower Show exhibit spotlights harmful chemicals used in fashion industry

Chelsea Flower Show exhibit spotlights harmful chemicals used in fashion industry - The garden aims to highlight a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and fun approach to fashion

The most haunted places in the world

No matter where you are in the world, you'll find some sort of haunted site with plenty of ghost sightings and creepy experiences. Some of these places are packed with mysteries that go back centuries, while others have a more recent history. Whether these spots are from the 12th or 20th centuries, they'll undoubtedly send shivers down your spine! Spooked, but still curious? Check out this gallery for the most haunted places in the world.

39 Amazing Vintage Photos of Celebrities in Their New York City Apartments

Peek inside the homes of Marilyn Monroe, Louis Armstrong, Yoko Ono, and more.

Fans Are Concerned For Jason Momoa After ‘Aquaman’ Star Posts Troubling New IG Pic

The star has suffered some work-related injuries of late, but is “OK.”

Jennifer Lopez reveals she suffered a panic attack from 'exhaustion'

Lopez, 52, got real about her snoozing habits in her recent newsletter On The JLo, saying she sleeps sleeps seven to nine hours per night.

The best bridal boutiques across London

The best bridal boutiques across London - North, South, East and West: these are the top spots to find your perfect dress

Disney just launched its big holiday deal for 2023

Disney has just announced 'The Magic is Yours' savings offer, and Disney fans swear it's the best way to save money on a Disney holiday, making your next family trip more affordable - details.

Cadillac Lyriq Sells Out, BYD Seal Debuts, Hyundai Plans US Factory

Episode 112.

Voices: As women of colour, workplace discrimination is our constant reality

Institutional racism plays a role in why many women of colour in the workplace are treated differently compared to white women

Significant events from 1970 remembered

In this gallery, we take a look back at some of the events from 1970. It was a very different time, naturally. The Vietnam War was still going on, and being heavily protested. Many countries were declaring independence from their previous colonial regimes, and musicians like Jimi Hendrix were rocking out in the biggest concerts ever seen. Have a look through the following gallery to see a snapshot of 1970. You're sure to learn something new!

Woman sparks debate for buying multiple purses at Dior after employee allegedly ‘disrespects’ mother

Woman sparks debate for buying multiple purses at Dior after employee allegedly ‘disrespects’ mother - ‘We love a Pretty Woman moment’

Higher cost of US cancer care doesn't improve survival rates: study

The United States spends twice as much on cancer care as the average high-income country, but gets only middle-of-the-table survival results, a study said Friday. Out of 22 high-income countries, the United States was found to have by far the highest spending rate: it spends $200 billion per year on cancer care, or roughly $600 per capita, compared to the average of $300 per capita in high-income countries.

Cardiologists Say These Are The Worst Foods For Your Heart, And There Goes My Whole Diet

Man, there are some shockers in here.

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms that show on your face - unusual patches to paleness

Many people give little though to certain vitamins and minerals until the body is severely lacking in them. These signs can range from mild to severe - and many show up on your face

Gucci partners with tech brand Oura to launch health monitoring ring

Gucci partners with tech brand Oura to launch health monitoring ring - Forget the Fitbit, this is the luxe new way to track your fitness goals

Bianchi Unveils T-Tronik Range Of City Commuter E-Bikes

Electric city bikes with simplicity in mind.

KLIM Introduces Its 2022 Off-Road And Enduro Riding Gear

KLIM's latest tech innovations make off-road riding safer and more comfortable than ever.

Xbox is still working on a small streaming device for playing games over the internet, report claims

Xbox is still working on a small streaming device for playing games over the internet, report claims -

The hallway sets the tone for a home: Here's how to redecorate yours

Often narrow, boxy, awkwardly shaped or lacking light, hallways can be tricky to elevate. But they should not be overlooked.

The 50 Best-Selling Amazon Products Under $50 That You'll Use All The Time

We'd like all of these in our cart ASAP.

Givi Adds LE X.20 Expedition Evo Modular Helmet To Lineup

A wealth of features for a budget-friendly price.

Amazon slashes £100 off Samsung Galaxy Buds and they're £60 cheaper than Currys

Get your hands on these Samasung Galaxy Wireless Buds for £100 off whilst the offer lasts

Best smart fridges: We test the fridge freezers with extra features

Best smart fridges: We test the fridge freezers with extra features - Getting down with domestic appliances, Stuart Pritchard delves into the still strange and largely unembraced world of the smart fridge…

M&S makes huge change to toilet roll packaging thanks to brave Deborah James

M&S will include bowel cancer signs and symptoms the labelling of the everyday product, as of September. It comes just weeks after Deborah James revealed she is receiving end-of-life care at her parents' home

Best Father's Day cards you can order online in time for the big day

These playful, funny and thoughtful cards are bound to put a smile on your dad's face this Father's Day (June 19)

Platinum Jubilee monkeypox warning - health chiefs issue advice 'stay vigilant'

Ahead of the long Jubilee weekend, the UK Health Security Agency has issued a warning to the public to 'stay vigilant' after the recent spate of monkeypox infections

These are America's most scenic waterside restaurants

There's hardly a better pairing than delicious food and great views. Luckily, the US is packed with places to snag an excellent meal accompanied by beautiful waterside panoramas. These vistas are so good that they can even dazzle diners through a window, though we always prefer to dine alfresco when the weather will allow. Due to ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions, be sure to check if you'll need a reservation before heading out.

2023 Honda CR-V Unofficial Renderings Preview New Model Debuting This Summer

The next-gen CR-V is coming with ICE and hybrid powertrains.

'6 months after losing a baby, I fell pregnant. I didn’t expect anger to be something I’d feel.'

This post deals with stillbirth and contains sensitive images. It could be triggering for some readers.Pregnancy after loss is so backwards. The purpose of this article is to empower others to be true and raw with their feelings when it comes to pregnancy after loss. I want to share my feelings that may be viewed as controversial but prove that there is ... Continued

Surprising Side Effects of Eating Watermelon

This summertime fruit packs a sweet punch, but there might be more to watermelon than you think.

The most luxurious casinos in the world

Casinos are often seen as dingy places where the hopeful and misguided go to gamble their precious earnings amidst the smoke and sticky carpets. While that's certainly sometimes the case, casinos can also be some of the most exclusive and luxurious holiday destinations in the world. There are many sophisticated casinos that are also luxury resorts, 5-star hotels, spas, shopping malls, nightlife hubs, and much more. They attract visitors who want to pamper themselves in elegant surroundings while having a host of incredible amenities at their fingertips. Click through the gallery for a look at the most extravagant casinos around the globe.

Mum started multi-million dollar business with $1600 loan from grandma

A mum-of-two from Melbourne has revealed how her life spiraled out of control from 14 until she finally dug herself out of poverty after 'choosing herself' 11 years later.

These images of Australia's national parks will take your breath away

From multicoloured reefs to emerald rainforests, arid deserts to snow-capped mountains, Australia’s vast network of diverse national parks covers virtually every landscape imaginable. Here are some of the most spectacular protected reserves around the country. Check the relevant national park websites for COVID-19 restrictions before travelling.