Health Experts Reveal: Is Eating Peas Good for Hair Growth?

This article explores the potential of pea sprout extract to improve hair health, as well as the role of B-vitamins in promoting hair health. Expert opinions from three dieticians and nutritionists are presented, discussing the benefits of consuming peas as part of a healthy, balanced diet and the potential of vitamin A to promote hair growth. Additionally, the article provides links to further questions and answers related to pea, as well as...

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27 Healthy Ground Beef Recipes That Won't Have You Feeling Guilty For Skipping The Turkey

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Half a century of greatness: 30 stars turning 50 in 2023

As time marches on, celebrities and public figures we once saw as wunderkind, teen sensations, or emerging stars have become the faces of their generations, enduring icons of the stage, screen, and life as a whole. In 2023, some of the biggest stars of our times will be completing their 50th revolution around the sun. Some we've known since they were children, others have only recently found the spotlight, but we should join all of them in celebration of their special day. Read on to find out which of your favorite celebs is turning 50 in 2023!

Impressively unique hot air balloons

Taking a hot air balloon ride is an activity that frequents people's bucket lists, and for good reason. It's an incredible marvel to be hoisted up using a basic scientific principle of heat and air, and the views are unparalleled. But after a while, the balloons lose their novelty, with each looking exactly the same. That's why artists started bending the traditional design. In what seems to be a competition to see who can create the most outrageous shape that can still take to the sky, there have been some tremendous results. From well-known characters to some head-scratching figures, check out this gallery to see some of the world's weirdest and most wonderful hot air balloons.

The zodiac signs most and least likely to divorce

No matter how much skepticism there is about astrology, we can't help but check out specific characteristics and quirks about each sign, especially when it comes to partners and potential love interests. And while you're not thinking about divorce when imagining walking down the aisle, it's interesting to know that some signs are inclined to be in it for the long haul. Curious to see where your zodiac sign falls on the list? Then click through this gallery.

These gorgeous actresses are in their 70s and beyond

In the past, female actresses had a difficult time staying in the spotlight once they reached a certain age. While it's still a challenge for women over 40 to find interesting roles even today, there are many icons of cinema who have remained on our screens into their 70s and beyond. Not only are they incredibly talented and successful, they prove that beauty is ageless. Click through the gallery for a look at the women of Hollywood who have been rocking it for decades!

Horror movies that originally had much more sinister endings

Horror movies aren't known for their happy endings, but some are better than others. Most people aren't aware that many horror movies had alternative and much darker endings that didn't make the final cut. Take a look through some of them in the following gallery. Do you think the filmmakers made the right choice in going with a different ending? Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Just dogs doing weird things

BAFTAs best dressed 2023: What you can learn from their style choices

These are the stars that have made our BAFTAs best dressed 2023 list and what you can learn from their style choices

22 Summer Dresses So Good, Someone Will Buy You a Cocktail

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Facts about alcohol that will shock you

If you enjoy a cold beer at a BBQ or an after-work cocktail, don't worry, the majority of adults drink alcohol at some point in their lives. And just like the reasons for drinking are highly varied, so too are the effects it has on our health. With both positive and obvious negative effects, there's a lot about this popular substance that you might not know. Consumed around the world in cocktails, beers, and wines, check out this gallery for some eye-opening facts about alcohol.

5 Reasons why Zaragoza is a foodie's paradise

Zaragoza Zaragoza is known for its rich historical significance and cultural attractions. The city has well-preserved archaeological sites, centuries-old churches, and art museums. The Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar is an iconic attraction of the city. It is a famous pilgrimage church in Spain and contains the shrine of the Virgin Mary. Another must...

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25 Celebrities with Over-the-Top Closets

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Celebrities Who Prove What a Difference a Center Part Can Make

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What the "good" in "goodbye" actually means, and other etymological curiosities

Sometimes words are not what they seem. For instance, as amusing as we find the thought of someone carrying a pig on their backs, the word "piggyback" has nothing to do with pigs. Like this, there are many other words in the English language that are not as straightforward as they seem. Ready to take your word knowledge to the next level? Click on to discover more!

What happens to Camilla if King Charles dies first?

Camilla became Queen Consort after Queen Elizabeth II passed away in 2022. But on May 6, 2023, she was coronated Queen Camilla, alongside her husband, King Charles III. But what would happen to Queen Camilla if the king dies before her? Would Camilla have a new title, and would there be any changes to her duties? Or could Queen Camilla possibly have actual regency powers? In this gallery, we answer these and many other questions about the future of Queen Camilla. Click on to find out.

Weird and wonderful eyebrow trends over the decades

From today's groomed brows to the super-thin arches of the 1990s, eyebrows have changed a whole lot in the past few decades. But the notorious '90s brow wasn't the first time that eyebrows had been tweezed to near-oblivion. Stylish stars have been setting the eyebrow agenda since the early days of Hollywood, and there have been some interesting shapes, sizes, and styles along the way. Most recently we've seen dramatic looks with bleached brows and razor-sharp cut-outs. Ready for a real eye-opener? Click through this gallery to discover how eyebrow trends have changed over the decades.

Wet room ideas – stunning wet room bathroom designs for your home

These wet room ideas will add a truly grown-up, spa-like showering experience to your bathroom

The zodiac signs of the world's richest people

Are untold riches written in the stars for some people? Well, some billionaires have more in common than just their enviable bank balances—many of the world's super-rich share the same zodiac sign. But are some star signs more likely than others to bring in the megabucks? And how does your zodiac sign stack up? Click through this gallery to discover the star signs of some of the world's richest people.

America's best fishing destinations

Fishing is one of America's favorite pastimes. Besides promoting relaxation, fishing also strengthens family bonds and helps families connect with nature. In a country as big and vast as the US, it's no wonder fishing holds a special place in our hearts. This list, put together by Time Out, highlights America's best locations to catch 'em all. Check out this gallery to see a ranking of the best fishing spots in America.

A Look at the 30 Homes Owned by the British Royal Family

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The Most Stunning Academy Awards Jewelry Moments of All Time

From Elizabeth Taylor's 68 carat diamond necklace in 1970 to Angelina Jolie's overside emeralds from 2009.

Headed to Hyderabad? Tempt your palate with these 17 local delicacies

Times the royals secretly snuck out to do normal things

Royal life is a bit like being in a very fancy and luxurious prison. There are strict schedules, strict dress codes, strict standards of behavior, and constant supervision. It's no surprise that they want to break out sometimes and let loose, or just go to the supermarket without an armed escort. Kings, queens, princes, and princesses have been venturing out incognito since medieval times and the current royals are still doing it today! Click through the gallery to find out how and why these noble prisoners have snuck out.

Your flirting style, according to your star sign

When it comes to flirting, everyone has their own style. Whether you're aware of it or not, there are probably a few techniques you deploy when trying to strike something up with a person you like. Astrologists will tell you that your preferred tactic for winning over a crush is to a large extent determined by the date you were born. Intrigued? Check out this gallery to learn what the stars have to say about your flirting style.

The Best Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

Who's the fairest of them all?

Cursed: The dark side of the Kennedy family

The Kennedy family tree is extensive, complex, and powerful. The first generation of 'celebrity' Kennedys was that of John F. Kennedy and his eight siblings, which included his brothers Robert and Ted who joined him in politics, and his sisters, Kathleen, Jean, and Rosemary. John F. Kennedy was first elected to the US House of Representatives in 1947, and since then there hasn’t been more than a two-year period where a Kennedy wasn't holding office. The Kennedys are leaders, politicians, ambassadors, captains of industry, philanthropists, and environmental activists. At the same time, they’re seen as reckless philanderers, drug abusers, scandal-mongers, and, perhaps, the victims of a curse. Click through the following gallery to see why the Kennedys have such a complicated reputation and why many believe them to be cursed.

Famous people who lied to get ahead in their careers

We’ve all gently elaborated on our skill sets once or twice to get a job—we’re looking at you, fake Excel users—and it’s not so different in Hollywood, though it is slightly more exciting. But in the entertainment industry, there’s a secret that most talent agents will tell their clients, which is to say that you can do any skill a producer or casting director might ask of you because if you land the job you can simply learn the skill later. You might be thinking that those lies could end disastrously, and indeed they have in many cases! But in others, those lies are why some of the celebrities we know and love found their way to fame. To see which beloved stars lied to get ahead in their careers, click through.

30 Summer Soups That Bring The Comfort Food Vibes Even When It's Hot Out

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Signs your family doesn't care about you

We don't get to chose the family we're born into. Some of us are lucky enough to be welcomed by a supporting and loving family, while others, not so much. What we can do, however—once we reach a certain age and level of financial autonomy—is choose how to deal with our families. If we feel like our family somehow doesn't care about us, and that it has affected other parts of our lives even into adulthood, we can do something about it. But the first step is to recognize that this is indeed the case. In this gallery you'll find a list of signs to look for. Click through and see if you can recognize any of these in your own family dynamics.

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Spearmint: The Skin-Friendly Herb Recommended by Health Experts

This article explores the potential benefits of using spearmint products for skin care. Three experts in nutrition sciences discuss the astringent properties of spearmint, which can reduce oily skin and help prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Additionally, spearmint is a source of antioxidants and can help protect against skin cancer. This article provides tips from health experts and nutritional facts about spearmint, as well as...

Celebrity worst date stories that are sure to make you laugh (or cry)

Bad dates can be scarring. They can make you lose faith in the search for love, or tear down your own self-esteem. They're absolutely terrible to experience, and, yet, they make for the best stories. No matter how bad a date goes, there is always the benefit of having great content to share with your friends for a good laugh. Lucky for us, many celebrities have had positively horrendous dates, which they've also turned into some fun content for us. Click through to read about your favorite celebrities' worst date stories.

34 recipes that prove your pantry staples are far from basic

Follow our guide to discover wonderful ways to shake up your favourite recipes with these surprising store-cupboard heroes.

Kitchen trends 2023 – 48 new looks and innovations for cabinets, countertops, floors, and more

Cabinetry, backsplash, lighting, floors, and more – we reveal key looks for kitchens in 2023 and beyond

Close calls that could have changed the course of history

It is often taken for granted that we as a species have made it this far. From prehistory up to the present, the list of things that could have gone wrong is virtually endless. From natural disasters, to global pandemics, to frustratingly human problems that brought us far too close to the edge, it is certainly not just strategy and survival instinct that have brought humanity to the 21st century; a good deal of luck has been involved as well. Hopefully, studying the close calls of history that could have made our present reality radically different will help us to be more careful and prepared in the future. Read on to learn about the catastrophic close calls that could have changed, or ended, life as we know it.

Anne Hathaway's Career In Photos

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Absurd dating rules from the '30s, '40s, and '50s

Dating in the modern age is a minefield, especially in the digital era with apps, texting, and entirely new codes of technological behavior in the mix. There are a lot of things to think about—you have to pick the right platforms, figure out how to properly construct your profile to attract the right kind of people, and not fall for any false advertisements. You also have to navigate texting (how soon is too soon to reply?), cope with the inevitability of being ghosted, and deal with a lot of things that are separate from actually meeting someone. Because of all these new complications, we seem to have a romanticized idea of dating in the past. In our collective imagination, romance "back then" was filled with meet-cutes, chivalry was alive and well, and there was an added air of mystery because you couldn't stalk a person's entire digital history online. Plus, you could lie about your age! But in all seriousness, dating in the 21st century is nothing compared to the strict social codes permeating the first half of the 20th century. Magazine columns and entire books were dedicated to teaching young folks the proper etiquette when it came to courting and being courted. While very detailed and highly regarded at the time, those guides have not aged well in the least. From shockingly sexist gender roles to hilariously ridiculous things that were considered in "bad taste," nearly every single one of these rules should be broken in today's age. You may be surprised at how far we've come since the 1930s, '40s, and even '50s, though it's equally surprising just how many people relied upon these guides to determine another person's character. Check out this gallery to see the most bizarre etiquette rules from not-long-ago-enough, and revel in the dating freedom we have today.

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What the Cast of Princess Bride is Doing Now

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If you hate Mondays, read this

It's not uncommon that the start of the workweek brings you down. This lethargic sensation is a classic case of the Monday blues, and we've all been there. Coming off a relaxing, fun weekend and making the transition to an unpleasant workday can be very demotivating. So if you're feeling sluggish, tense, or overwhelmed on Monday morning, the following tips can help you turn those feelings around. Feeling blue on Monday? Then click on the following slides to change things up!

Harvard Health Publishing and 3 experts weigh in on: What happens if Actinic keratosis is left untreated?

Answered by Dr. Howard E. Lewine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA Actinic keratosis does not usually go away unless it is frozen, chemically treated or removed by a doctor. An actinic keratosis develops in areas of skin that have undergone repeated or long-term exposure to the sun's UV light. It is...

The surprising benefits of letting your hair go gray

Transitioning into gray hair is a big step that many people dread. This is largely due to societal stigma about what's deemed beautiful and youthful. However, it's part of the natural aging process. And there is no reason to feel ashamed of your silver hues. Whether you're experiencing the arrival of your first grays, or you color your hair to hide them, there are plenty of benefits to rocking your natural color. If you want an added push to fully embrace your grays, check out the following gallery. Click on!